• Offers a positive alternative to the ‘austerity’ programme of cutting wages and services by investing in infrastructure, particularly renewable energy, public transport and housing. This investment would be paid for by cutting the cost of defence, and collecting the taxes due from large corporations and the super-rich.
  • Takes catastrophic climate change seriously, locally and globally. For this reason we are against fracking – it’s dirty, dangerous and unnecessary.
  • Would re-nationalise vital services, including the NHS and railways.
  • Would cancel Trident and all nuclear weapons, and is against nuclear power.
  • Values the EU for setting high standards for health safety, wages and protecting the environment but would work to make it cheaper and more democratic, and to stop global corporations using trade agreements to control national governments and the EU. We are the only party against the TTIP proposals.
  • Would be serious about tax evasion by large corporations and about controlling the banks. Being free of links with big corporations we are the only ones who can tackle this problem.
  • Have been consistently against wars in the Middle East. We support reconciliation and negotiation, not using war as an instrument of policy. 
  • Would use the tax system for two purposes – to lessen inequality and to combat climate change. For example, we would tax according to income, introduce a carbon tax, get rid of VAT and tax inheritance appropriately.
  • Would ensure workers receive adequate benefits and a living wage.
  • Would treat immigrants humanely. Asylum seekers should be allowed to work and contribute and not be kept in prison or have their applications undecided for years. Agencies should not be allowed to recruit abroad at lower wages, exploiting migrants and making it harder for UK residents to get work. Migrants’ contribution should be recognised – our hospitals and agriculture would collapse without migrant workers. 
  • Supports a return to council housing to provide adequate, secure homes. 
  • Supports free education as a vital investment in the future, and opposes the privatisation of the education system.


Our most recent Norfolk County Manifesto


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