Stop parliament making new laws in secret

05 April 2017

The government’s just revealed their proposal for how they'll change Britain's laws when we leave the EU. It’s not good news. They want to bypass parliament and write new laws behind closed doors. It would give the government the power to change rules which affect all of us, without proper votes.

Will your district council ward and number of councillors change?

21 December 2016

Have your says on proposals to change the number of councillors on North Norfolk District Council from 48 to 40.

Oppose Trident

21 December 2016

The catastrophic cuts in all social services make spending billions on Trident obscene. The Lib Dems and the Labour Party are rethinking their position on Trident. The non-nuclear states are holding a UN conference on multilateral disarmament next year.

URGENT: An appeal from GM Freeze

21 December 2016

Help us stop the crop. Object to Rothamsted Research's application to Defra for an open-air field trial of GM wheat. The deadline for submitting objections to application number 16/R08/02 is 21 December.

Support the public inquiry into local wind turbines

09 November 2016

Here's a sample letter of support for the wind turbines at Pond Farm Bodham and Selbrigg Farm, Hempstead, Holt..

Urgent day of action - Saturday 12th November

09 November 2016

We reject calls for military escalation in Syria. Sign the petition or take part in the day of action.

Hear Angie Zelter make a Public Interest Case Against Trident

17 October 2016

Hear the well known campaigner talk about the Public Interest Case Against Trident (PICAT) on Friday, 21 October at 7.30 at the Friends Meeting House, Goat Lane

Act now against GM maize approvals!

04 October 2016

There are plenty of reasons to object to these 3 GM maize crops being grown in Europe. Please act now and email your MEPs.

Astley voter? Vote for Mandy Huntridge

30 June 2016

Many Huntridge is the Green Party candidate for the North Norfolk District Council Asley Ward by-election

Vote for Anne Filgate!

16 November 2015

Anne Filgate is your Green candidate in the County Council by-election at South Smallburg on 19th November


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