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Next meeting: Wednesday 14 December, 7.30pm, Sheringham Community Centre

We plan to discuss the Progressive Alliance and campaigning with Martin Schmierer and Phil Dipalma from Norwich and the Eastern Greens.

Please contact us for more details, or have a look at our Facebook page or Twitter feed.

Sing in the Green Choir

If you live in North Norfolk or Broadlands area and enjoy singing, come and join The Green Choir!


Who are we?

The Green Choir is open to anyone who enjoys singing. It is open to Green Party members and supporters and to people who have broadly green views. We only started singing together in February this year but have already learned quite a few songs. We believe that everyone can sing so we welcome both experienced singers and those who only sing in the shower. (And there is extra help available for anyone who wants it.) We encourage all members to contribute what they can to our rehearsals. We sing unaccompanied at the moment but may call on the skills of any instrumentalists in the group. 

Why do we sing?

We sing because we enjoy it. We hope that we can make a political contribution through our singing through raising awareness of issues and through protest. 

What do we sing?

We are a political choir and sing about the environment, climate change, social justice, equality, and peace. Our repertoire is growing all the time and we hope to learn songs from other cultures and in other languages too. Sometimes our songs are in three- or four-part harmony and sometimes we sing rounds or in unison. 

Where do we sing?

Our first performances will be to support Green Party stalls in various North Norfolk towns. After the election we hope to sing at political demonstrations, environmental events and cultural occasions. We may even try busking. Much of our singing will be outdoors – but not all. 

How can you find out more?

If you would like to know more or would like to join The Green Choir, please contact Barbara Wyvill:


Even if you don't want to make the commitment of joining us, we always welcome supporters and volunteers. Volunteers can help with our campaigning work. Could you help our campaign team and speak to local residents about their concerns?

Do you have fundraising experience or web design, press, research and administrative skills? Are you a musician who can hold a fundraising gig? Whatever your level of experience and however much or little time you can give, we would love to hear from you.

Donate via PayPal

Students and local membership: Join the Green Party for just £5 a year!

We always need donations, no matter how small.

Even a £1 donation will help us.


  • £10 pays for newspapers for our members to deliver to households.
  • £25 pays for 1000 leaflets to win support from particular groups.
  • £60 pays for 7500 election leaflets to be delivered to households.

Recycle your ink cartridges

You can help raise funds for Eastern Region Greens by recycling your ink cartridges.  For envelopes ring 01263 761471. 

Vote for Policies

Caroline Lucas, in a letter to the Guardian, said "Out of 332,237 people surveyed in the Vote for Policies survey before the last election ... over 24% – more than any other party – chose Green policies. The last time people had a chance to vote in elections under proportional representation – the Euro elections of 2009 – the Greens won over a million votes, demonstrating again the growing support for action on the Green agenda."

Visit the website at Vote for Policies and take the survey yourself.  Compare policies from six UK political parties on a range of key issues.  After you have chosen the policies you agree with, you are shown which parties they belong to.