A public inquiry is going to hear appeals for two local medium-sized turbines in the Council Chamber, NNDC on 22nd November at 10.00am

9 November 2016

A public inquiry is going to hear appeals for two local medium-sized turbines in the Council Chamber, NNDC on 22nd November at 10.00am. People are asked to send their views to 

Helen Skinner

Planning Inspectorate

Room 3/0

Temple Quay House

2 The Square

Temple Quay

Bristol BS1 6NP

The reference numbers are : APP/Y2620/W/15/3134132 and APP/Y2620/W/16/3143028

Text for a letter of support could be as follows:

We are writing in support of the wind turbines at Pond Farm Bodham and Selbrigg Farm, Hempstead, Holt. We supported both the earlier planning applications and the appeal for the first larger turbine at Pond Farm.

It is quite clear from the professional surveys conducted for both turbines that they are in accord with planning and development policy. Indeed the officers' report on the first larger turbine at Bodham showed it was in accord with Development Plan policy regarding impacts on residential amenity, wildlife and ecology… and (significantly) tourism. The sustainability officer was in support. Only the landscape officer was against it, and we criticised her report for being vague and unprofessional at the time.

We believe the turbine was only rejected by the council because many of the councillors denied, and still deny, the threat of climate change and seemed ignorant about turbines and the planning system – citing gross inaccuracies about noise, damage to tourism and that allowing one turbine would inevitably lead to hundreds. It is to the councillors shame that they did not visit existing turbines to see that their fears were groundless.

It is relevant that the appeal for the first Bodham turbine was successful, only rejected on a procedural irregularity. We regret the delay this has caused and that the proposed turbine is smaller.

We ask you to support both these appeals because climate change is a very real threat. By supplying carbon free electricity the turbines will both be helping in their small way to protect the coast and local landscape from the dangerous effects of global warming.

They will do so without causing any damage to the local environment or historic settings or tourist attractions. Indeed, they both offer environmental benefits.

It is also relevant that these local farms, by bringing money into the local economy and paying full taxes, will be helping the economy, unlike the large scale off-shore developments, whose profits largely go abroad.

These turbines will be a beacon of hope to the majority who support renewable energy.

Also, finally, although this may not be in your remit, we hope you will support these turbines as a way of supporting small farms. We notice that the latest CPRE campaign calls for an increase in small farms as they will offer a more diverse and less industrialised farming sector. In contrast the development of industrialised farming over the last few decades, has brought unwelcome change. It has increased large traffic with its noise and pollution, damaged our soils, reduced biodiversity and polluted water.

Yours sincerely



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