Mike's blog

Mike's final pre-election update

Julia Sandford-Cooke, 06 May 2015

You have the chance to vote twice for the Green Party here in North Norfolk – at national level and at local level. Some of us are already serving on parish and town councils, so Green issues are growing. Oh, and check out national membership and @The Green Party, @mmfgreen and @NNGreens on Twitter too… is there no end to the ways you can access the Green Party?

Mike's second April update

Julia Sandford-Cooke, 22 April 2015

I have been reminded by my colleagues and my latest subscription (as we are out in rural Norfolk) to Big Issue magazine… this election is very much about social media so I will try to Tweet with the best of ‘em – read my green burblings at @mmfgreen. You can also follow North Norfolk Green Party on Twitter (@NNGreenparty) and Facebook.

Mike's first April update

Julia Sandford-Cooke, 10 April 2015

Today I saw another swallow, having seen my first two weeks ago near How Hill, our riverside education facility. Riding my bicycle yesterday, I met great clouds of little black thunder beetle or harvest beetle bugs – more a sign of summer I thought.

Mike's first March update

Julia Sandford-Cooke, 01 March 2015

It is heartening to see so many new, enthusiastic faces at recent stalls and meetings. You are all important, especially into the future when the Green Surge needs to be sustained (organically?) way beyond the astounding membership of 55,000, which is rising weekly.

Mike's February update

Julia Sandford-Cooke, 11 February 2015

I've been busy representing the Green Party at meetings and events around the region.

Mike's January update

Julia Sandford-Cooke, 21 January 2015

Your candidate has been savouring retirement from paid employment with a myriad of eco-volunteering opportunities and activities.